How does double opt-in work?

Double opt-in support is one of the best features about Easy Content Upgrades.

Double opt-in is when a person has to confirm their email address (by clicking a link in an email) before being added to your list.

In Easy Content Upgrades, the content upgrade is only delivered after the email has been confirmed.

Not all email providers have support for double opt-in (or support in the way that this plugin requires), so in some instances the double opt-in is handled by Easy Content Upgrades itself. In this case, the process looks like so:

  1. A new subscriber fills out the form to download a content upgrade.
  2. The plugin does some checks to confirm that this person isn’t an existing subscriber, but they’re not subscribed yet.
  3. This person is added to the queue.
  4. Easy Content Upgrades sends the person a link to the content upgrade.
  5. When the person clicks on the content upgrade, that’s when we confirm their subscription. They’re subscribed to your list behind the scenes, and they’re only taken to the actual content upgrade if this process is successful.

So in short, it doesn’t quite look like a confirmation email, but it is!

Double Opt-In by Email Provider

In order for double opt-in to be handled by the email provider, the following requirements must be met:

  • Provider supports double opt-in on a dynamic, per-list basis.
  • Provider has webhook support and can POST data back to Easy Content Upgrades after a subscriber is confirmed.

If a provider doesn’t meet those requirements, then Easy Content Upgrades will handle the confirmation process.

  • ActiveCampaign – Handled by Easy Content Upgrades.
  • ConvertKit – Handled by Easy Content Upgrades.
  • MailChimp – Handled by MailChimp.
  • MailerLite – Handled by MailerLite.

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