Finding Your API Key

  1. Login to MailChimp.
  2. Click your avatar in the top right and select “Account”.
  3. Under “Extras” click on “API Keys”.

Link to the "API keys" page

On the new page, look for the section called “Your API keys”. You can click to “Create a Key”. Then copy your API key and paste that into the Easy Content Upgrades settings.

Create a MailChimp API key

Merge Fields

Easy Content Upgrades supports creating custom, hidden merge fields. You can use these to designate who has downloaded which content upgrades.

Edit/create your content upgrade and find the “Mailing List” box. In that, there’s a section for “MailChimp Merge Fields”.

MailChimp merge fields

Enter the field label for the merge field you want to create. I recommend entering the name of the content upgrade here, but ultimately it can be whatever you want.

When you save the content upgrade, the merge field(s) are registered with MailChimp. Here’s how it will then look on the MailChimp side:

Table of merge fields in MailChimp

If someone downloads the content upgrade (whether they’re an existing subscriber or a new one) the merge field will be added to their profile with the value “yes”.

Subscriber details in MailChimp

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