How to edit template files

Easy Content Upgrades has a number of templates that can be overridden and customized in child themes. The templates can be seen in wp-content/plugins/easy-content-upgrades/templates/. Here’s a list of template files:

  • content-upgrade.php – The default content upgrade form template. This is used in the [content-upgrade] shortcode.
  • content-upgrade-popup.php – The template used for popup content upgrades. This is used instead of the above when a content upgrade is configured as a popup.
  • customizer-content-upgrade.php – The Customizer preview page for content upgrades (used in the designer).
  • email.php – Email template used when sending out content upgrades and confirmation emails.
  • resource-library.php – Underscore.js template for showing a grid of content upgrades in the resource library.
  • resource-library-form.php – The form displayed to users who don’t yet have access to the resource library.

To override one of these templates, you first want to make sure you have a child theme (unless you’re using a custom theme – then you don’t necessarily need one). Then follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder in your child theme called easy-content-upgrades
  2. Copy the template file you want to edit from the easy-content-upgrades/templates/ folder into your newly created folder in your child theme.
  3. Then you can edit the template however you like and you won’t lose your changes when updating the plugin.

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